The Incredible New Smart Watch

That Does It All!

The new waterproof watch, health & fitness tracker, plus more!

Monitors Body Temperature

Tracks Sleep Patterns

Monitors Blood Oxygen Levels

Long Lasting Battery

One-Touch Screen

Everything you need, right on your wrist

A woman in a hot pink shirt looking at the Life Watch on her wrist.

Fitness Tracker

Stay fit and enter sports mode to keep track of your steps, distance covered, and calories burned.

A close up of a Life Watch on someone's wrist displaying four icons: temperature, HR, BO, and Data.

24-Hour Monitoring

Tracks and Monitors body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.


Whether you’re swimming or showering, the Life Watch is fully waterproof and is I.P.67 Rated.

iOS & Android Compatible

Pair your device to receive text messages & phone calls, listen to music, and even use the find my phone feature.

4.9/5.0 Star Reviews

Life Watch

Features & Benefits


  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate

Sports Mode Measures:

  • Step Count & Distances
  • Calories Burned

Additional Features:

  • Push Function for Calls, Texts and Social Media
  • Records Your Sleep Patterns for Analysis
  • Handy LED Flashlight for One-Touch Illumination
  • Waterproof Seal Design with IP67 Rating
  • Built-In Vibration/Notification
  • Rubber Wrist Band
  • 250mAH Battery 3.7 V with a Magnetic Charging USB Cable 42cm Long
  • Internal Storage Capacity is 64MB
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Waterproof

What's In The Box

Life Watch Case
2-Piece Wristband (Black Rubber)
Magnetic Charging Cord
User Manual & Quick Starter Guide

Here’s What People Are Saying About Life Watch

“Love it! I can take my blood pressure any time I feel it may be high. It does the same thing my Fitbit does and more. Money well spent!”

— Pam

“I purchased Life Watch to improve my blood pressure and sleep pattern monitoring, and it does a much better job than my $500 watch! This is an amazing tool for tracking your health!”

Deborah Story

“Love it! I can take my blood pressure any time I feel it may be high. It does the same thing my Fitbit does and more. Money well spent!”

— Pam

Frequently Asked Questions

The Life Watch comes with:

  • The Life Watch - in a waterproof case
  • Black rubber, adjustable wristband
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide

The charging cable has a USB connection and can be connected to any USB charging port, computer USB port or wall charger power adapter cube.

Place the watch facedown. Place the two bands in position with the spring loaded pins facing up. Squeeze the pin lever to retract the pin as you place the band between the pin holes on the back of the watch face.

The charging connectors on the Life Watch and charging cable are polarized magnets and will connect only one way. Turn the connector till it snaps into position.

The Life watch is not turning off; the screen goes to sleep to save battery power. The longer the Life Watch is lit up, the more battery it uses. You can wake it by raising your arm and turning your wrist towards you, or by quickly pushing the power button.

To extend the length of time the watch is on before going to sleep: swipe over to settings, click on settings, click on screen display, click on screen time, and then select your desired length of time.

Additional bands are available on our website and are designed to be easy to replace!