Frequently Asked Questions

The Life Watch comes with:

  • The Life Watch - in a waterproof case
  • Black rubber, adjustable wristband
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide

Place the watch facedown. Place the two bands in position with the spring loaded pins facing up. Squeeze the pin lever to retract the pin as you place the band between the pin holes on the back of the watch face.

Additional bands are available on our website and are designed to be easy to replace!

The charging connectors on the Life Watch and charging cable are polarized magnets and will connect only one way. Turn the connector till it snaps into position.

The charging cable has a USB connection and can be connected to any USB charging port, computer USB port or wall charger power adapter cube.

The Life watch is not turning off; the screen goes to sleep to save battery power. The longer the Life Watch is lit up, the more battery it uses. You can wake it by raising your arm and turning your wrist towards you, or by quickly pushing the power button.

To extend the length of time the watch is on before going to sleep: swipe over to settings, click on settings, click on screen display, click on screen time, and then select your desired length of time.

Go to the Home Screen with the title “Today” on top. Go to the middle of the screen and click on “Bind Now” A “Bind Bracelet” screen appears, click on “Search Now”. Locate the name “Life Watch” on the device identification field and click on it. A “Bluetooth Pairing Request” dialog box appears. Click on “Pair”. An “Enjoy Now” will appear when pairing is successful.

Look for the Life Watch app on the App store or on Google Play.

Yes. The watch's features will work. The app provides more features to enhance the user experience.

The Find Phone button isn’t used to connect the watch and phone, it is used to help find your phone if it was misplaced. After your Life Watch and phone are connected via Bluetooth, you can use the Find Phone button to make your phone vibrate.

Yes, you can still use all the features of the Life Watch, except for notifications.

It is waterproof against incidental moisture from rain or accidental exposure to water. It is not recommended to use the watch while swimming.

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