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With Life Watch, you can track vital signs like body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels on the go. Understand your sleep cycles better with its advanced sleep pattern analysis function, or get the most out of your workouts by tracking your steps and calories burned in sport mode.

Synced to iPhone or Android, Life Watch can receive calls, read texts, access your social media, and even control your music right from your wrist. With Life Watch, you can track, analyze, interact and conquer your health and fitness goals — no matter where life takes you.

How it works

The Life Watch is a health monitoring watch with six pre-programmed watch faces built-in. The watch allows you to monitor your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen so you can be more aware of the state of your health. A calories burned indicator and sport mode measures your activity when you participate in your favorite sports.

Use the step counter and distance measurement features to make sure you get enough exercise walking around during the day. At the end of the day, the Life Watch will record your sleep patterns so you can get the sleep you need. Use the convenient LED flashlight for one-touch illumination so you can walk through dark places.


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